Robert stillman's horses robert stillman's horses

For a little background on the man, while today many have only heard of him because of the University he helped found (in homage to his son who died at 16), by today’s standards, Leland Stanford was somewhat corrupt. He initially made his fortune by selling mining equipment to those who came west for the California Gold Rush . He then invested a significant portion of this money into the California Central Pacific Railroad, becoming one of the “Big Four” to financially spur the success of the iconic railway. At the same time (and perhaps because of it), he was elected California’s governor. Using the office to enrich himself and his fellow investors further, he secured massive state investment and land grants for the railroad project. He became ludicrously wealthy (at his peak having a net worth of about $ billion in today’s dollars), owned several mansions, vineyards and a racetrack in Palo Alto.

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